La pompe et moi

Fullstack dev • La pompe et moi
Medtronic, Bayer, and AJD have joined forces to create a contest for young diabetics. The goal is to understand the expectations and concerns of children regarding insulin pumps and to raise awareness about this product. The website consists of a creation module, a gallery, and a voting system to select the best creations. The creation module allows users to compose artwork directly on the site using a library of images and a text editor. Items added to the creation can be easily and playfully moved, zoomed, and rotated. Participants also have the option to import videos and images. The site is responsive, and there is a back-office for administering the creations.
Aide aux Jeunes Diabétiques
Online contest game
Fullstack dev
  • Angular
  • CreateJS
  • Bootstrap
  • Laravel5
  • PHP